Training and Evaluation

There are 5 levels of swim officiating in Canada, as described here.  After starting at Level I, you are encouraged to move "up the ladder" through to higher level of officiating. We are proud to have many PICK officials at such levels

The goal of any competition volunteer or official is to contribute to a fair, safe and positive competitive environment.

Thank you for your volunteer support and interest in becoming a better informed Ambassador of the Sport!
PICK New Officials Training & Evaluation Pathway*
In order to ensure appropriate succession and staffing at all Officiating levels, we recommend the following goals for new swimming families:

  • At least one parent from each swimming family should plan to become a certified official and officiate during our meets

  • Target to complete the "Timekeeper Certification" within your first year of joining the Club and the "Judge of Strokes & Turns Certification" within your second year.  

Time Keeper

Clinic:  Introduction to swimming - Timekeeper 

Session 1
Session 2  Session 3 Session 4 
Enjoy being a spectator & simply watch your swimmer!

Timer (new) & Deck Orientation Tour 

 Timer 1st Evaluation

Timer 2nd Evaluation 

Swimming Canada
Judge of Strokes & Turns

Anytime after 1st Timer session Sessions 5/6  Sessions 7/8 Session 9  Session 10
Judge of Strokes & Turns "Qualified"
 Head Lane Timer S&T (new)  S&T Turns End (new)  Head Lane Timer S&T 1st Evaluation  S&T Turns End 2nd Evaluation "Certified"

*The PICK Pathway program follows the Swim Ontario Officials Development guidelines.  Timelines may vary for each individual.
Training Clinics
Various Officials Clinics are offered prior to each of our PICK Hosted Meets.  Click Here for information on upcoming clinic dates!  

Click Here to register for an upcoming clinic!

Clinic Description Notes & Pre-requisites

Level 1 - Introduction to Swimming Officiating

This is the introductory clinic for competitive swim officials in Canada. Learn more about the sport! Watch swim meets from the best seat in the house! You will be qualified to work in the position of Timekeeper at any development meet.

The goal of this session is to:
- Begin your journey as a swimming parent/official;
- Understand the terms used at a swim meet;
- Understand the role of the other officials on deck;
- Understand the role of the coach;
- Understand the key duties of a timekeeper
- The Safety Marshall clinic will also be presented
No pre-requisite.  

Minimum age 14. 

   One parent from each swimmer family should register for this clinic. 

Judge of Strokes and Turns

The goal of this clinic is to:
- Continue to develop a foundation for your skills as a swimming official;
- Provide you with an enhanced understanding of the rules of each stroke;
- Develop an understanding for the role and key duties of an Inspector of Turns and Judge of Strokes positions.

Prerequisite: Level 1 Intro Clinic.  

Minimum age 16.

All timekeepers with two or more sessions experience should take this clinic. 

Level II/III Clinics

For descriptions please go to Swim Ontario officials website



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