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General Information

We need YOUR HELP to ensure we can effectively staff our Home Swim Meets!  What's in it for you? The best seat in the house to enjoy the Competition!

Swim meets in Canada are organized & staffed entirely by volunteers!  Most PICK Hosted Meets require 200 volunteers to operate effectively, including more than 35 Certified Officials for each session (swim meets have 1-8 sessions occurring over 1-3 days).  

This season, PICK requires 30 new Timekeepers and 20 new Strokes & Turns Judges, plus volunteers willing to gain experience and train for all Senior positions!  Officials registration, training clinics, orientation/mentoring, certification pin & record card are free as they are included as part of your existing fees. 
Next Steps
Step 1:  Register with Swimming Canada annually, within 2 weeks of commencing activity as an Official.  Complete this form to register.

Step 2:  Register for Training if you are new or wish to "move up"! Refer to Training and Evaluation for details on training clinics and evaluation pathways!

Step 3:  Register to volunteer at an upcoming PICK Meet!  Refer to Officiate at a Hosted Meet for further information.

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